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Bad Weather Arrangement

Arrangement for CPD activitiesin times of Typhoons and Rainstorms; 



● If the typhoon signals or rainstorm warning signal is issued or in force at the following hours, CPD activities are suggested to be arranged as below:

●如果根據上述安排因天氣惡劣而推遲或取消CPD活動,Vista Academy管理團隊將盡快通知參與者,並在適當時候提供重新安排的詳細信息。如果因惡劣天氣而取消課程,Vista Academy將在2個月內安排補課。參與者可以選擇參加補課或選擇退還學費。如果參與者想要獲得退款,他們必須聯繫Vista Academy 行政部(電郵進行安排。

● If a CPD activity is postponed or cancelled due to bad weather, Vista Academy Administration will inform the participants as soon as possible. If the training course is so cancelled, Vista Academy will arrange a make-up class within 2 months from the original date. Participants can elect to attend the make-up class or choose to get refund of the course fee. If participants want to get refund, they have to contact Vista Academy Administration the arrangement.




● 如果在下列時間發出或有效的颱風訊號或暴雨警告信號,CPD活動將會如下安排